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Why is there no auto option for the kickoff events😔

Could we maybe... just maybe get it plz EA
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How do i activate the full auto option with the FN FAL?

Really stupid question i know, but i just cant seem to be able to do it. Anyone willing to help?
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Does anyone know how to re-enable the "auto" option for the keyboard backlight on a Yoga?

Hello everyone I've had my Yoga 460 for a couple of years now. It has been great and reliable. I've always had the "auto" option for my keyboard backlight. There were 4 options in Lenovo Vantage and if I pressed FN+Spacebar it would cycle through all 4 settings. Well I opened Vantage yesterday and it said it was updating....after the update I noticed that my keyboard backlight was off. I pressed the Fn and Spacebar keys and noticed that the Auto option was gone. I checked Vantage and it is also only showing 3 options now. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall vantage, uninstalled and reinstalled the Lenovo foundations driver and even reinstalled chipset drivers. Nothing works. I now only have 3 there anyway to get the Auto option back. I've been so used to having it that it sucks not having it now. I have to manually turn it off when I'm in a bright room and likewise turn it on manually in a darker room. Any help would be appreciated.
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WE g18c ( gen 3 ). Good to have full auto option. I am more on pistol or SMG lately. I turned most of my rifles to heavy, not practical, wall piece. More important is fun of shooting.

WE g18c ( gen 3 ). Good to have full auto option. I am more on pistol or SMG lately. I turned most of my rifles to heavy, not practical, wall piece. More important is fun of shooting. submitted by louiezzzlu to airsoft [link] [comments]

Ford Focus ST gets seven-speed auto option

submitted by jjagot to cars [link] [comments]

So the Glock has a full auto switch but no full auto option?

So the Glock has a full auto switch but no full auto option? submitted by bmadd14 to modernwarfare [link] [comments]

Wutbot on "Auto, Option": [r/wallstreetbets] Auto sell my option at a certain profit

Anyone want to answer a question for me? If I want to set Robinhood to automatically sell my contracts once they hit a certain profit number, how would I do that?
Bee doop be dooo be doop doop soup de doop doooo do doooooo bo be boo boop de doop hopefully this is long enough doop de doop
Thank you! Please no ban 😅 if it’s helps, I’m a girl. ☺️
Original Post
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Need help with rock auto options on spark plugs

I'm trying oem parts to see if that's my cars problem For my car an 07 cx7 Mazda GT my spark plug gap has to be 7mm I believe but on rock auto in which I can put my exact car model they bring up all These all with different sizes.
Should I just gap them myself or trust the site?
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Apple CarPlay/Android Auto options 2016 Premium

I’d like to add CarPlay to my ‘16 ILX premium. Android Auto support would be nice for when my kid with his android borrows it but not critical. I haven’t read good things about Navtool so I was looking for another option. If you’ve used Navtool, hows it hold up and how do you update it?
submitted by SnooMacaroons4848 to AcuraILX [link] [comments]

Are there any affordable 7.62x54r semi auto options out there?

So far all I can find are SVD, which are like ten grand if you can find one, PSL, which are like 2000 if you can find one, and VEPR, which are about 800, if you can find one, but I can't find that. I found a PSL, scoped and new, at a local gun store for 2300, but that's way overpriced imo. So, are there any alternative guns I don't know about or am I going to have to either not buy a damn thing, or stick with my mosin?
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Ase master tech, what are my non auto options?

ASE master Tech looking to move on
I’ve been working as a automotive technician for about 10 years now. I graduated from a GMASEP program here in Illinois. My top level was ASE master with GM training and VOLT tech certification. The ASE Master status has lapsed as my current employer doesn’t care about the test and is unwilling to pay for them. I moved from a GM dealer to a small shop to get a steady paycheck. At the dealer all the technicians where flat rate but the dealer was always slow so must of us where working about 45 hours a week but get it paid about 35.
Now I’m working about 41 hours a week and being paid hourly. ($22.50) The problem is my employer doesn’t pay health insurance or retirement, so I’m doing that in my own. With the automotive skills I have I’m wondering what other industries I could move into.
Note: 33 male no kids. Married.
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Auto Options in Raid - Why don't we have the same options??

Auto Options in Raid - Why don't we have the same options?? submitted by Nhatkiem to grandsummoners [link] [comments]

Do you use the auto option in VNs? What settings do you use it with?

I'm kind of curious about this because I'd like to use the setting due to my carpal tunnel syndrome, but it usually plays too slowly for me and I get impatient. I'm wondering if any of you regularly use auto, and if so, why?
submitted by gitech110 to visualnovels [link] [comments]

Alexa app doesn't display 'Echo Auto' option when adding new device- Help!

I was given an Echo Auto last Christmas and am now trying to set it up, but have run into a key problem: when I go to the Alexa app, select 'add device', and select 'Amazon Echo', there is no option to add the echo auto listed among the others (e.g. Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, etc.). I have an iPhone 6s that has up-to-date software.
I checked that I'm in the right place and that the option IS actually missing:
I've also checked that the echo auto is available via bluetooth- and it shows up as a connectable device in my phone's settings under 'bluetooth'.
Here's what I've done so far (to no avail):
I've been trying to find a similar problem discussed online, but so far haven't found anyone who's encountered this problem. Is there any solution or even an explanation for this? I'm really at a loss for why my phone, in particular, refuses to give me this option.
Thanks for your help!
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Server Matchmaking Auto Option Bugged?

So I live in Portugal so I'm obviously from Europe, but starting from today specifically, I've noticed that my ping was at 150 something and I didnt know why. Apparently the auto option is putting me on NA-East. I've restarted the game and it still puts me on that server, if I set it manually on Europe it goes back to normal ping that I'm used to.
Anyone else had this happen on the Auto option? It only started today for me and I have no idea what's causing it.
Edit: I'm on PC
submitted by GaiaOmega to FortNiteBR [link] [comments]

ngPost v3.1 released: --auto option for CMD and sexy GUI with Posting Queue and Auto Post generation

Hi, I'm quite happy with that new version, let me know what you think! it's here on github (MacOS and RPI releases will arrive tonight)
ngPost v3.1
So, I've implemented the Posing Queue. on the GUI, you can create several "Quick Post" and start them. They will go in Pending state if a post is currently active and will get triggered as soon as if it finishes.
There is the "Auto Posting" tab to help you generate the Queue. You scan the "Auto Dir" folder, you can remove from the list the files that you don't want to post (using DEL or BackSpace), then you choose if you want a random name, a random pass, generate the par2 and you click on "Generate Posts". This will creates Quick Tabs with each individual file or folder. If you had the "start all Posts" ticked, it would start all of them ;)
I hope you like it, I find it quite sexy :)
For CMD users, there is a the new --auto keyword to do the same without the HMI. Here is the syntax: ngPost --auto /Downloads/testNgPost --compress --gen_par2 --gen_name --gen_pass --rar_size 42 --disp_progress files
Finally, on request, I've add the config keyword POST_HISTORY (cf new config file) to store an history of all the posts, and thus have a quick access to the archive name and pass of your posts. I used a csv format so you can open it with Excel. It looks like this: date, nzb name, size, avg. speed, archive name, archive pass 2020/01/22 17:49:04, jdk-8u171-linux-x64.tar.nzb, 182.05 MB, 9.53 MB/s,, 2020/01/22 17:49:09, Odin3_v3.13.1.nzb, 4.36 MB, 1.24 MB/s, YEhE8A6ySXwJcvuWgoSucR, WO85Y9xkoJmLNkL 2020/01/22 17:49:13, Odin_3.09.3.nzb, 1.96 MB, 569.57 kB/s, KYbhJk82TUY7mHX1dlzY7y, JgaQImervmFNHMx 2020/01/22 17:49:17, virtualgl_2.5.2_amd64.nzb, 2.50 MB, 702.65 kB/s, FFGZbB9iY0B8oY3cfZ1wid, QNO0Sb7dNBiRa7T
It looks like people didn't like my fundraising thread... I've done it anyway as planned... If you fancy the soft and would like to reward the work, you can do it from the Donate button on the App ;)
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With the bo1 looking famas now in the game how about a full auto option?

With the bo1 looking famas now in the game how about a full auto option? submitted by ReeceNevin to modernwarfare [link] [comments]

Fire Promoter PS4 - Auto option not working?

Just getting into Fire Promoter now and am finding that if I set some the wrestlers up to be controlled by player 1 during my event, the auto:on option does not actually hand over control of my wrestler to the CPU, it just plays under control of player 1 as normal. Am I misunderstanding what this option was meant or or missing something here?
submitted by GhoostP to firepro [link] [comments]

More unlockable auto options?

I really liked the way rocket speed auto was unlocked through gameplay and thought it would be a cool idea to unlock more options - basic attack only or different attack patterns (characters act from back row to front row from left to right), aura auto refresh and so on. As long as rules are clearly defined I think it could be fun to build teams that are most effective on certain type of auto play.
submitted by Alhemaz to BattleBreakers [link] [comments]

What are my Android auto options?

I have a 2016 EX with the side mirror, back up camera, and other fancy features. It appears that I won't be able to use the side camera anymore with a head unit upgrade.
Is this true? Can I just upgrade to a 2018 oem radio and put AA on that?
submitted by MostDopeVet to hondafit [link] [comments]

Auto Options-Placing Bots?

Good evening wsb,
I've noticed when I trade options on RH, If I am the first person to place an option that is in between the current ask and bid prices, literally the instant I place it something around 100 other bids always pile on the exact same bid or ask price. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a tool to make sure you don't overpay for or undersell an option that anybody can use? I'm assuming a tool like this must have some range of numbers that you would accept a buy or sell.
Thanks, everybody.
submitted by slkerlin to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

custom auto option

So like many of you, I put the game on auto when grinding stuff. However I'm pretty sick and tired of auto doing the dumbest shit that makes battles longer or inputs terrible commands that just makes me lose the fight. I want DeNA to allow us to set commands for auto and what pokemon chooses what move and when it does it. Just my 2 cents. Hoping DeNA sees this as from what I've read from other people's posts on here they do check reddit.
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Auto Bot IQ Option - YouTube

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